Hey guys. Haven’t posted here in over a year, but I’m back now :D. Anyway here’s a nifty video I just love, from one of my favorite bands Muse. Enjoy:

Second step

May 19, 2007

So, yesterday we set up our domains ( resolved our DNS) and host (added the domains and databases), today we’re gonna actually create our websites. To do that i’m going to use WordPress as my websites will all be developed as blog platforms. I prefer WordPress from other CMS, such as Joomla or PHPnuke or so on, because of it’s easy interface, easy theme selector, easy customization etc. it’s basically the best thing that i work with, for what i’m intending to do. I downloaded the latest WordPress version: v2.2, with which i’m very pleased with and began uploading it to my 2 websites: ZMEtravel and ZMEmusic, via ftp. After i installed WordPress on both sites, after like 5 minutes :D, the real hard part began: searching for the right theme. After 1 and a half hours of searching i couldn’t find jack, i’m more of the meticulous and perfectionist type of guy so i’m hard to please :P. I found a temporary template for my music site ( here ), it will help the blog look decent until i can find or develop a theme that suits my needs. I did the same thing for my travel blog, i put a random theme that somewhat inspires travel, though i don’t really think it does :o. So all is ready for the final step: posting and optimizing, well talk about it later. Love ❤

First step

May 18, 2007

Ok, so just as you all know: this is the first web project i ever undertaken. What project you ask ? It’s about a little idea me and a few colleagues of mine have, making a web brand and marketing it from the beginning  and hopefully ’till the top. The brand is called “zme” and comes from a romanian mythological creature “zmeu”, it  will be a web blog network with sites that cover everything from travel to computers, “ZMEnetworks”. In this project i’m collaborating with 2 good friends and colleagues of mine, we’ve bought a pretty decent host from  steadfast.com, and 2 webdomains from godaddy.com for starters: zmemusic.com and zmetravel.com. I’ve changed my DNS  for the domains to match the DNS of my host and all’s ready for some web action :D.  Tomorrow we’ll cover the second step, which i consider to be setting up the websites them selfs.